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Welcome to Shani's LiveStreamsPro Wiki!

As many of you know that i have been working with many other live stream users adding functionality upon functionality to allow them to be able to play rtmp and other contents. Since the websites are waking up to the fact that many of you are using XBMC and they want to enforce the usage of their website due to Ads and other motives, they are making the sites more dynamic and more difficult for Live Stream users hence a step up from our side too. The original LiveStream Addon worked quite well and did everything great but since many of you copying my files manually and there are quite a few mistakes being done i thought i better release a version so that it auto updates and if you want to jump in with your changes then it would be great too.

Main features of LiveStreamsPro:

  1. Call regex in regex.
    Now while processing a regex, you can $doregex and call another regex from it.
  2. Multiple regex in page, regex in session, also htmlunescape responses.
    You can now have multiple regex in url section, in regex, in link and in Page too.
  3. Create session from one regex and pass onto next in line.
    Implemened CookieJar, so say one regex does the login and after then you want to access the channel file. The channel regex could use cookieJar created by login and send it as part of Get reqest.
  4. Save sessions to a file and open again later.
    You can now save the cookieJar in a file using Save and then open it using Open.This will be useful for sites where there is a captcha at login, so instead of every channel execution where we enter captcha as you will be doing login, use one line to login and save the Cookies and then reuse it in other items.
  5. Write python code in .py file, put in the profile directory and then call from your regex.
    You can write your own python functions, if something is impossible within the addon and call it via regex.
  6. Use epoctime, guid and unpack as functions already defined.
    Now epoctime, guid and unpack available as function in regex which you can use to create requests.
  7. Use it to post values to the pages to get the proper responses.
    You can post the request instead of get. For example, many sites required that you post the value of login name and password.
  8. Support many headers, like origin, X-Requested-With etc.
  9. You can now append cookies in response and then read in regex using includeheaders
    If you want to read something from cookies, returned from server, use the includeheaders tags ( i have to append all the headers in future)
  10. You can now link to another web url via your xml using externallink
    You can now add <externallink> and enter web url to connect to another file with in your own xml
  11. support for google re-captcha, now you can show and then post the text
    With little bit of work, you should be able to handle google re-captcha. Obviously, you have to enter the text but atleast you will be able to fool the server that you are not using website and they will allow you accessing the resource.
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Page last modified on November 20, 2015, at 10:29 AM