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Disclaimer: This is not full blown EPG that you find with grid view. The purpose is to show what is Now and Next for a specific channel instead of clicking a channel and find out whether to watch it or not.

There is no fuzzy match(future work) that means BBC One wont match BBC 1 or Sky Sports 1 HD wont match Sky Sports 1. It has to be exact name and we ignore capital letter and space. So, GLOBAL TORONTO will match GlobalToronto.

As i said previous post: Code:

<title>GLOBAL TORONTO</title>

You use <tvgurl> to indicate the http location of the guide. Now, as the example above, you can use zip file then you will use <epgfile> tag to mention which file inside the zip is your guide. If your <tvgurl> is not a zip file, then you dont need to use <epgfile> tag.

Now, that will become tedious for adding same epg file into many items. So, you can add a <epg> tag with <tvgurl> and whichever item has the epg rename the those items <item> with <epgitem>.

For example: Code:

Then your epg item:

and many more. Of course you can add regular <item> into your same xml such as listrepeat . If a item dont have a epg just use regular <item> tag. <item><title>GLOBAL TORONTO</title><link>http://488</link></item>
If you want to test EPG , here is a link. These EPG is not mine. Other EPG can also be found on

Until added to shani's repo, you have to replace the following files:
Settings file in resources folder:

Thanks for testing. Any feedback will be welcome. Please upload a log too. I used this in windows and its working as i intended.

Courtesy of alibaba.

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Page last modified on December 20, 2016, at 08:16 PM