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Items are the basic list structure of LSPRO source content

The <items> block is used to group <item> elements under a header and with a description and other metadata.

This block has no visible functionality in Kodi.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
    <items_info> <!-- this is opitonal -->
      <title>Testing XML</title> <!-- a title is required, other elements are optional -->
      <description>this is the descripton string</description>
      <credits>divingmule, Johnny Cache</credits>

        <title>POKER CHANNEL</title>
        <info>The Poker Channel – Europe’s largest dedicated gaming TV network is available online to a global audience, and to more than 30 million
              cable and satellite homes in Europe and Latin America.</info>
        <date>07.12.2011</date>  <!-- format - -->
        <epg></epg>  <!-- See daschacka's post - -->

        <title>NHK - World</title>        
        <link>rtmp://some/place playpath=nhkworldhd swfUrl="http://player." pageUrl="http://nhkworld/r/movie/" swfVfy=true live=true</link>

        <title>BBC World</title>        
        <link>rtmp://some/place playpath=bbcworld1_en_high.sdp swfUrl="http://some/place/player.swf" pageUrl="http://some/place/10-bbc-world-news-
               english" swfVfy=true live=true</link>

The <item> block represents an actual XBMC GUI list-item and is displayed inside an LSPRO source.

You can mark an item as unplayable by adding the <NOTPlayable>True</NOTPlayable> directive to the regex of the item.

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Page last modified on March 14, 2016, at 03:13 AM