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Multiple links in one item
Get version 2.4.2 and it should work. For title you pass $$lsname= parameter where you can pass the name. This should be at the end of the URL, this is optional so if you dont add to the url it will show server name



Infact if you get 2.6.0 you can now play multilinks items like this:
<title>Concept Test Gone Rogue (On my part) v.2</title>








see the first links having incorrect url so these should fail and the last one will work. Since we already support multi links in LSPRO, to tell the addon that we only one link to $$LSPlayOnlyOne$$ anywhere on the first URL. Based on this, addon will not show the selection and will keep going through the list unless one of the link works. I haven't tested it fully so there could be some situation where it won't work but for this example it works ok. Also, i cannot control when SportDevil show the dialogue saying 'No Stream available' while running first link, you just have to click OK to move to next. This same process should work with regexes as well.
Also since you can only have one name for the entire item, to identify the individual source, add the $$lsname= (optional) at the end of the link. You can use this to give the name to any link, i have chosen to give few of them name as its optional which you would see when you play the item.

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Page last modified on September 12, 2016, at 10:29 AM